Recent research: Hydrogen Generation Market analysis to 2024

Hydrogen Generation Market

Global Hydrogen Generation Market: Overview Hydrogen is a chemical element found on the earth, which is clean, efficient, and most versatile in nature with zero emission carrier of energy. It is not present in its molecular form but is available in plentiful amounts. It is nonmetallic, colorless, non-toxic, odorless, highly combustible and tasteless diatomic gas. Water is the primary raw […]

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Signaling into the Gas Turbine Services Market

Gas Turbine Services Market

Global Gas Turbine Services Market: Overview Gas turbines are also known as combustion engines. The internal combustion engine converts the liquid fuels or natural gas into mechanical energy which is then used to produce electricity via the generator. The gas turbines have upstream rotating compressor combined with a downstream turbine and a combustor. The gas turbines are mainly used to […]

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Warming up to the Enhanced Oil Recovery Market

Enhanced Oil Recovery Market

Global Enhanced Oil Recovery Market: Overview The enhanced oil recovery is a technique utilized to remove crude oil which cannot be extracted with the conventional methodologies from the oil reservoirs. It is also known as the tertiary recovery procedure as it is carried out after the primary oil recovery and secondary oil recovery. The primary techniques used in the enhanced […]

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New reports explore the Water Utility Services Market

Water Utility Services Market

Global Water Utility Services Market: Overview The companies that offer safe and appropriate distribution of water and also provide services such as wastewater treatment comes under the water utility industry. The companies involved in the water utility industry are local government bodies. However, many private companies have shown up their interest in the water utility industry recently. It is always […]

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Signaling into the Deepwater Hydrocarbons Exploration Market

Deepwater Hydrocarbons Exploration Market

Global Deepwater Hydrocarbons Exploration Market: Overview The hydrocarbons under the ocean floor remain the only source of oil and gas that is untouched while the other oil and gas reserves are getting depleted. As a result, the oil exploration and production companies are showing great interest in using these hydrocarbons. Deepwater reserves account for approximately 11% out of all the […]

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